If you are have a question or problem that relates to controlling your Habbo character and interacting with others, then you should read through these Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I chat?

When you are in a room, type into the box at the bottom of the screen. Then press the return key (or 'enter') to speak.

If you want to whisper to your friend or shout, then select whisper or shout from the pop-up menu on the left. If you are whispering, make sure you click on your Habbo friend too so you are whispering to them, or they won't be able to hear you.

Why can't I hear what people say?

If you can't hear other people talking, it is probably because you are not close enough. You can only hear people who are in radius of five squares from you. This way, you can have a quiet conversation with your friends. If you shout, everyone will hear you.

If someone is outside the five square radius you will see chat bubbles with words replaced by dots. This means you can only hear bits of what other people are saying

To shout, so that everyone in the room can hear you, choose 'shout' from the pop up menu next to the box where you type.

How do I change the way I look?

Changing your appearance is easy, click on 'Update my Habbo ID' when you're in logged into Habbo and on Hotel View (NOT in any room). You'll got straight to the page where you can change your look. Choose your new look and click 'done', or click 'next' to change your personal details (email address etc).

How do I walk, sit and lay down?

To walk around, click on the floor tile you want to move to and wait. Your Habbo will walk over to it. To sit or lay down, click on the floor tile underneath the seat or bed you want to sit or lie on.

How do I dance?

To dance, click on yourself and the dance button will appear under your Habbo on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the button to get grooving, click it again to stop.

Why have I been returned to the Hotel View page?

This is probably because you have been inactive for a while. If you do not move for five minutes your Habbo's eyes close, so that people know that you are not active.

After 15 minutes you are automatically returned to the Hotel View page.

How do I type hearts?

To type a heart on your PC in Habbo, you need to hold down the Shift key and press the \ key. In Habbo, this should give you a little heart symbol.

How do I type alt codes?

Hold the alt key down, and use your number pad (on the right-hand side of your keyboard). Here are some
of the common ones to get you started:

ALT+0134 = Bomb

ALT+0135 = ‘No entry’ sign

ALT+0135 = Stop sign

ALT+0145 = Black padlock

ALT+0151 = Double musical notes

ALT+0153 = ? symbol

ALT+0169 = © symbol

ALT+0174 = ® symbol

ALT+0204 = White padlock

ALT+0213 = Diamond

ALT+0216 = Dashed

ALT+0245 = Spade

ALT+124 = White heart

ALT+130 = Dashed

ALT+141 = Spiral

ALT+156 = Pound

ALT+157 = White star

ALT+159 = Black heart

ALT+161 = Single musical note

ALT+167 = Lighting bolt

ALT+168 = ¡ symbol

ALT+169 = fish

ALT+173 = ¿ symbol

ALT+175 = Club

ALT+21 = Peculiar

ALT+230 = Coffee cup

ALT+241 = Mobile/cell phone

ALT+246 = Thumbs down

ALT+248 = ° symbol

ALT+249 = Thumbs up

ALT+271 = Euro sign

ALT+276 = Light bulb

ALT+422 = Skull

ALT+424 = Upside down

ALT+667 = Cent symbol

ALT0176 = Superscript

Shift+ \ = Heart

How do I wave?

To wave, click on yourself and the wave button will appear under your Habbo on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the button and your Habbo will begin waving to all your friends, click it again to stop.

How do I get a job?

Habbo Hotel doesn't employ Habbos.

Some Habbos offer jobs in their Guest rooms, but they may lie to you and say that they will pay you furni when they won't, our advise is don't work for another Habbo unless you are willing to do it for free.

What is doorblocking?

Doorblocking is when your Habbo character stands in the doorway and blocks other Habbos from entering the room.

A room owner is allowed to block their own room door, but any other Habbo caught blocking a door risks being kicked from the room, or banned from the Hotel, so be careful where you leave your Habbo!