If you are have a question or problem regarding Pets, then you should read through these Frequently Asked Questions. For more information on Pets click HERE

Why won't it follow commands?

Are you saying it's name? If your pet won't respond to commands, make sure you are shouting the command and saying it's name after it.

For example, Good Rover or Sit Charlie or Jump bobby.

Also make sure if your pet's name starts with a capital letter, you're spelling it like that. I.e. If it's name is Pebbles, it won't respond to pebbles.

Why won't my pet respond to its name?

All pets names are case sensitive so make sure you are typing it exactly as you originally spelt it when you bought the pet. To check, click once on the pet and see it's name and breed. Just make sure if your pet's name starts with a capital letter, you're spelling it like that. I.e. If it's name is Magic, it won't respond to magic.

Also, make sure you are shouting the name as the pet can only hear if you shout. Sometimes pets are just grumpy so try and be patient with it.

Why can't I tell other Habbos's pets to do some things?

Pets have special relationships with their owners as they are the ones that take care of them. Your pet knows that which is why it's sometimes better behaved for its Habbo owner. It is also the reason the pet will only do some commands if the owner is telling them to.

Commands anyone can use are:

sit: Makes the pet sit down

lie down: Gets the pet to lie down

jump: Makes the pet jump up

speak: Gets the pet to bark/meow etc

good: Boosts pet's ego and makes them happy

wuff, wuff

These commands can only be used by the pet owner:

heel: Gets your pet to follow you

come here: Makes your pet come to you

beg: The pet will beg for a reward from you

go away: Your pet will move away from you

bad: Tells your pet off

sleep: Makes your pet go back to it's basket for a nap

play dead: Your pet will roll onto it's back and 'play dead' for a few mins

How can I make my pet happy?

Play with your pet, feed it, keep it healthy, make sure it has enough sleep, show it attention, teach your furry friend commands and practice them daily. These are all ways to keep a pet happy. Mainly make sure it is fed, has water and is gets exercise. Pets are happy when there are Habbos in the room but they are most happy when they're with their owners.

How can I make my pet eat?

Just make sure the food is near your pet. If it won't eat, it means it's not hungry. You can check this by viewing it's well-being. It will eat when it's hungry as long as the food is nearby and it can get to it.

Food does not go off, just make sure your pet gets one portion of food a day or it'll go hungry.

Why can't I trade my pet?

The pet would get confused if it constantly had new owners! This is a reason why.

Also, buying a pet is a commitment, you must be prepared to look after it long-term rather than just have it on a whim.

Habbo Hotel also wanted to cut down on scams. Just remember - you cannot trade pets. If someone says you can, they're scamming so report them!

Why can pets walk into the doorway but I can't?

Your pet can't go wandering round the hotel like you can so it gets to go in the doorway as an extra bit of freedom.

Can I stroke my Habbo Pet?

Your Habbo can't physically touch or stroke a pet but the animal will show you affection if you take care of it. If you're the owner, it will naturally be more excited when you are in the rooms than when other Habbos do. It is more likely to follow commands from the owner as well because of your special relationship.

What happens when my pet gets really old?

It gets more tired, sleeps more and it stops running around as much. This does not happen until its around 100-125 days/years old though.

Why does my navigator say there are two people in my room when it's just me and my pet?

Your pet is a being too - just like a Habbo. It can speak (in it's own woofing/barking/meowing way) like Habbos can, it's not just an object/item like furni from the Catalogue. It's alive and that's why on the navigator, when it's in your room - it shows up as a person rather than a bit of furni.

Can I buy my friends pets as presents?

At the moment there is a technical issue with buying pets as gifts and the recipient will NOT be able to open a gift with a pet in it. If you wish to gift another player a pet, we advise you to use Habbo Exchange to turn the appropriate amount of credits into coins and trade those with the player you wish to buy the pet for. They can then double click on the coins to redeem the credits and buy the pet themselves.

Why can't I put the top of the basket up?

There is no top of the basket. It is the blanket you are seeing. When the pet is in your hand, it's sitting in the basket under the blanket which keeps it warm. When you put it in your room, you just see it in the basket. It's hot in the hotel (the heating is always on) so there's no need for the blanket then.

I accidentally spelt my pet's name wrong when I purchased it, can I change it?

No. You must remember to type the name correctly when you buy it. Check it over before you click to buy.

Will my pet go to the toilet on the floor?

No, your pet is not like real house pets. It does not go to the toilet. This won't harm the pet, it just doesn't need to go.

If I have a boy pet and girl pet, will they make a little baby pet?

No, all pets in Habbo Hotel are neutered before they go on sale. We didn't want to load you with the responsibility of having to look after/feed lots of young. We also wanted to avoid the hotel being over-run with animals!

Can I get any other animals as pets?

Not at the moment. Please watch this space though. There may be different types of pets available in the future.

Why won't the fish swim?

The fish are simply pet food. They are not living and therefore cannot swim. It is arguable if they were ever alive in the first place. Habbo is very vegie-friendly and one rumour is that the fish are made from Tofu.

The water bowl is empty, how can I fill it?

Just double-click on the bowl to re-fill it. You can do this as many times as you like. You don't need to buy another water bowl unless you want a different colour.

Why are there cabbages?

Cabbages are health food for the pets. Whilst this might sound unusual, even animals must eat their greens! Okay, maybe in real life this wouldn't happen - but in the hotel, feeding your pet this vegetable will keep it strong and healthy.

Why won't my pet talk to me in English?

Pets can't talk! If your pet is making noises that appear in speech bubbles, these are just the wuffs/barks/meows/purring that dogs and cats make. This is your pet talking to you - in it's own way. You should be able to make out it's mood from these noises and also by checking it's well-being box (double-click on the pet to see this.)

Why cant I send friend requests to pets?

Pets aren't proper Habbos and they can't talk/type. Therefore, they can't accept friend requests or write to you on the console. Teach them commands and play with them though, and you'll have a friend for life.

Will my pet get ill?

Your pet cannot get flu or any kind of virus. The only time it'll show signs of illness, is if you don't take care of it. If the pet is starving, it will get weak and sad and sleep all the time.

Why are my piles of bones getting smaller?

The pile of bones gets smaller as your dog eats it. When it's finished the whole meal, it will actually disappear. This is the same for cats who will eat all of the fish eventually (even the bones!).

Why can't I pick up my Pet?

If you want to pick up your pet, you must click on the basket and click 'pick up', not on the pet itself. The pet can only be picked up with the basket. If the basket has disappeared from the room, re-load the hotel.

Will my pet die?

No, Habbo pets live forever!

How many pets can I have?

You are able to buy as many pets as you wish, however you should bear in mind that there is a limit of 3 pets per room.